Loc Stylist Needed for Install (Oakland Downtown)

As a Maker, an Artist, and Artisan my presentation, as I assume yours, is part of my business.

I can’t afford investing in artists who aren’t investing in me and my vision. Need more than a beautiful, talented hired gun. Consider this an audition for each of us.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 13, I need a Bay Area Stylist to do a “braid-and-sew” install of already prepared crochet double-end, kanekalon faux locs.

My style is a classic dreadhawk, as in dreadlocks in a mohawk. My hair is curly, easy to work with, and modest length.

Before you say yes . . .
If your first impulse is to remind me, or anyone else for that matter, that you need to get paid then we are not getting along. No adult needs that reminder, move on.

If you have an attitude about Black people who don’t think, behave, dress, speak according to your vision of Blackness, move on.

If you understand that the year is 2018 . . . but still describe Black LGBTQ people in general as Homosexual, tell people you are Ok with that choice of lifestyle but wish we would keep it private, you “really” need to move on. I don’t care how many homosexual friends “you think” are ok with that religious bullshit.

If you are a Cisgender Black Woman that thinks a Real Woman, is somebody that has a womb and pushes out babies according to your idea of god’s plan, move the hell on.

If you are copacetic with those issues, then know that I need an ambitious artist with vision and is interested in a long term creative, professional relationship.

Is that going to be you?

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