Ritual Human Sacrifice Today

At the dawn of urbanization and agriculture, large hierarchical societies engaged in ritual human sacrifice couched in terms of divine justice, trial by combat and war, always to cast down evil doers, because might always make right, or, so we were told sold that it was ordained.

Ritual murder was not particularly subtle in execution 4 to 8 thousand years ago, when by comparison the world of today, a marvel in the sophistication of art and science of death.

By advancing ever more emotionally addictive narratives that by turn incite, flatter, soothe as we are seduced profitably into an obsession with comfort, a relief for the anxiety “the powers that be” themselves invoked, with every image and sound, the crowning achievement a myth of redemptive violence that ends in the sacrifice of lives by the millions per month.

This is done so well, with such slow, deliberate precision, that most of us are only peripherally aware at best that our degraded, coarsened, abbreviated lives summarily cut short 20, 30, even 50 years.

Aware of the horror or not, I can only offer the cold comfort of unflinching candor with the hypothesis it is we who are the architects of our own adversity, it is we who are responsible for this perpetual war for the promise of perpetual peace.

In this world and the next or, so we are sold, with this slow death, this mass murder by mass consumption, a secular idolatry engineered into a so-called blessing of civilized society.

We are not wounded and led to slaughter of such efficacy as a punishment for some professed material or spiritual sin but rather the sin is its own punishment, as we self-hypnotize then justify, police, and defend these belief systems, even vie for the privilege to die in imagined nobility, or just as likely blame ourselves for our failures, and at all cost utterly destroy anyone who dare mention the lights outside our warm, comfy cave, our living tomb.

Seriously? Autonomous flying cars?

How about you geniuses create cognitive software that helps us all recognize the common lies that masquerade as common sense? How about we start with facing the fact that nothing is more important in survival than mental health and fitness, the capacity to face our fears objectively and adapt to change, individually and collaboratively.

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