Kenn Borek Air Basler BT-67 (Turbine DC-3) Taxi and Takeoff from Calgary Airport (YouTube)  Kenn Borek Air is a Calgary-based airline which operates a number of unique charter flights all over the globe, notably, to Antarctica during the southern summer. They operate several DC-3 Turbines, or Basler BT-67s, along with a large fleet of De Havilland Twin Otters. The Basler BT-67 is a converted Douglas DC-3 that’s been lengthened and re-engined with Pratt and Whitney turboprops. Here we have C-GJKB, a DC-3T originally manufactured in 1944 departing Calgary for Lethbridge on a training flight, presumably in preparation for the southern summer’s expedition to Antarctica in the coming months. ATC is included, hope you enjoy!

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