How I Taught My Husband About White Privilege | Go Off Sis | Refinery29

I have never dated, had a long term relationship or marriage with a White that truly has the mindset this young woman claims her husband has. I have never met anyone White who did not consciously or later start presuming to be superior in intellectual capacity, moral authority, more often than not education and corresponding practice of reason. Add to this relational baggage of my Blackness, the negative points due to Ageism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Transphobia and the way these are informed by what people “Feel” is Truth as compared Truth based on “Evidence and Higher Order Thinking” . . . well, it is an unequivocally unpleasant experience. I will never again invest years in love and devotion only to discover I am a fetish, a second class citizen in the relationship.

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