Truth Before Beauty: Our universe is uglier than we thought | New Scientist

Ok, here my new favorite catch phrase, “Truth Before Beauty” supplanting the long held, Truth Before Comfort even though they mean precisely the same thing in the final analysis. This worldwide pandemic obsession with preferring a beautiful, comforting lies, to an inelegant, uncomfortable truth has got to stop before it destroys us all.

Mutual aid in the disciplined study and practice of critical self-reflection, structured analysis, and of course collaboration in the assessment of those revealed insights is the key to liberation for those billions of human minds imprisoned by self.

I find it telling that even my mere suggestion of such a thing invokes extremely negative emotional reactions. The idea that what feels true is rarely supported by evidence seems to terrify people.

As someone living on the Autistic Spectrum I’ve lost count of the number of times I have had to face that my entire world view was completely wrong. So I find it difficult to even imagine how so many people go through life trusting what they perceive or think.

To me it looks like closing your eyes before walking across a busy city street, and when unsurprisingly hit, angrily blaming the vehicle or person they collide with.

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