NYT Opinion: What Nike Told Me When I Wanted to Have a Baby

It’s not just sports. This behavior is reflected to women in every endeavor they engage in. What I am fed up with is the women I have gone to bat for all my life throwing Trans Women under the proverbial bus. I was raised by Women who inspired me by angrily chanting “Biology Is Not Destiny!”

These same women now deny the validity of my womanhood and place in feminine culture based on biology, claiming it and the lived experience of a wholly female childhood, puberty, and young adulthood is the only legitimate femaleness. Not content to exclude me from company they once accepted me in they now have Sacred Pregnancy groups. When I point out there are considerable numbers of Cisgender Women who can never give birth and still.more who never will by choice the violence of their rebuke is telling.

And since the lead voice in this is a Black Women I invite you the reader to spend some quality time listening to the hundreds of Cisgender Black Women on YouTube who view the Black Transfeminine as actual assault on Black Womanhood, a step beyond a disgrace to the race. Where do Black Males learn Black Trans Women are disposable . . . from Black Cultures and Black Cis Women, Black Mothers like mine.

A month before she died I discovered the mother who claimed to love and accept me has for decades been introducing me as “My son who prefers to be addressed as a woman.”

That’s my family’s concept of acceptance and about on the same level as that phoney “Hate the Sin, Not the Dinner” homophobic bullshit that even a disturbing number of Queer people accept and buy into.

It is not just to treat women in any role of life without equal Justice under the law. It is unjust and should logically be unconstitutional to make faith-based laws for two reasons; that coercing faith immediate strips it of authenticity, and adopting any regulation based on religious believes subverts democracy and makes us a theocracy.

We need a constitutional amendment banning the ok introduction and consideration of any law predicated on religious values and doctrine.

For Equal Justice our courts must be science courts, and laws must be based on evidence.

That is really our only choice.

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