“Belonging does not arise simply from individual feelings ― it is not simply who you claim to be, but also who claims you.”
Native American and Indigenous Studies Association’s Council Statement on Indigenous Identity Fraud

My name is Muirén Ní Sídach, and I spend most days seeking to discover that which I don’t know that I don’t know.

As I am . . .
Seanchailleach, Ruacán Caillí, Beneficent Crone(2), African-American Afro-Celt, Woman Born Transgender, Demisexual, Lesbian, Anarcho Pacifist, Civil Libertarian, Technomage, Citizen Science Advocate, MakerFashionista, Cultural Technologist, Co-operative Capitalist, Metaphysical Naturalist

Instead of only asking other people questions to test my assumptions, I try to always examine my deeper motives, inquire of my implicit biases, how they unconsciously distort and manipulate my perception of reality.

I never trust what I think, what I feel, what see, what I sense in any capacity. It is my valuation of emotions as complex meta-senses that differentiates in what is for me a discipline of study and practice.

The study of science in magic long ago schooled me in understanding how easily my sense of what is true can be manipulated, my perceptions which like everyone else are under constant assault through every form of communication at the level of personal, familial, communal, corporate, and governmental, the institutional effort to skew my perception is near constant.

Where there is culture, there is no immediate necessity to imagine a deeper conspiracy. Where there exist a large enough number of people to form a cohesive culture of sufficient wealth and power, having never been taught otherwise, they are naturally going to promote their unfounded beliefs in some tangible form replete with a retcon’d narrative validates their belief as normal. The earth having supposedly been proven to be flat multiple times should make obvious there is nothing so irrational that with enough money, power, and prestige the masses cannot be led to believe it is absolutely true.

As a creative exercise, I seek to create an institutional remedy that focuses in democratic learning standards that by design circumvent and render null the efforts of thought leaders and those with a will to control knowledge, concentrating power in the hands of the few deemed worthy.

When our self-worth is tied to the exclusive possession of knowledge then we are not predisposed to be objective about that knowledge or how it is to be used, we will defend it even when we suspect we are in the wrong.

It is more than pure knowledge that must be curated by democratic processes, there is a far more nuanced matter at play here than the assertion that all knowledge should be free. It is less an issue of what is known, but how it is known. Not what one thinks but how one thinks.

The argument is nearly always couched in terms of the commodification of information, information that someone has invested in and deserves to be compensated for. Then someone invests staggering ransom for the privilege of access to that information and they need to be compensated for that as well. The result when we speak of democratization of information is that it appears like we are trying to give away for free something other people have worked hard for or have earned the right to know by investing in a ritualized, class-bound form of vetting.

This is a strategy to guide our attention away from the science of how people think which as the real threat to power. The science of manipulating perception is more closely guarded than nuclear codes.

Few people in power are overmuch concerned with the matter of factual information because, without human expertise, many forms of information are almost useless. It is with carefully prescribed higher order thinking skills that information becomes a truly competitive advantage, it is therefore reserved exclusively for the few and such a way as to ensure their loyalty within the system. Often higher-order thought is taught with a narrow focus of application and in what is characterized as teams but in reality, are groups of people working alone together.

Subsections in orchestras are an example, the will to improvisation so regimented from their consciousness that there are psychologists who make a living trying to assist professionals in recovering or discovering the natural capacity for improvisation alone and in company with others.

It is not an either-or proposition. One can have a norm of an improvisational, experimental approach to living while also having the capacity to work in concert when called-upon to cohesively in a true team with others without any sacrifice.

There is no good objective to regimentation to the point of incapacitation of improvisation and invention except that of control by an autocrat. In a cooperative culture where optimum health, fitness, creative, and productive capability are encouraged we have the same benefits collectively. The only key difference is that it is no longer possible for a few to exploit the efforts of the many for the benefits of a few who themselves make no measurable sustaining contribution.

Amplified across institutions of learning spanning centuries and ingrained as deeply as any religion in most cultures, this poses a considerable challenge to real progress as a planetary civilization. Our entire focus is naturally aimed at changing the world around us while avoiding any hard examination of basic assumptions about the human condition we can and should change. We rationalize this by couching any discussion of internal change as being in the purview of religion and psychosocial science that people are deliberately encouraged to believe isn’t real science by the people using it.

The U.S. Army’s PsyOp (Psychological Operations) may be innocent of affecting the U.S. population in any form, but let us remember they are “dedicated psychological operations support to military and national security objectives”.

PysOp engages in Perception Management, a propaganda technique that involves carefully altering the perceptions of a target audience to suit the objectives of the sponsor and is an essential part of modern Information Warfare.

The term originated within the U.S. Military as part of their Psyops program, describing how selective information is provided (or denied) to a target audience to influence their emotions, motives and objective reasoning to promote a change in behavior that is favorable to the sponsor.

As specified by the U.S. Department of Defense, Perception Management “combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations”.

What reasonable person imagines that commercial enterprises driven exclusively by profit would hesitate to employ these tools in pursuit of that goal? Deception and Disinformation are key ingredients of Perception Management; getting the target audience to believe whatever the sponsor wants them to believe regardless of the truth or validity of the information being promoted.

Think about the consequences visited upon the average citizen, when they are faced with no preparation the overwhelming arrayed might of religion, academia, industry, government, and military as they use these instruments to manipulate our shared reality.

It is the National Security Objectives of our government’s various agencies that have, to say the least, been historically been problematic. As such, PsyOp is part and parcel of the Military Industrial Complex which includes Medicine, Big Pharma, Public Relation, and Marketing Corporations, all of the most advanced schools of thought focused on manipulating public opinion for power and profit.

Law enforcement was instituted from the beginning as an instrument of corporate welfare, an agenda that has insinuated its way for centuries into the fabric of even the highest courts in the land. I invite you to spend time with a basic primer on the topic: Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted

I have codified my evidence-based strategies, organizing them into a social framework that through mutual aid reduces the burden imposed by perception management weaponized by predatory capitalism, a value system that permeates every level of our society, intruding into the most intimate spaces we have. A commercial system that by turns first inculcates deep insecurity then offers relief from this anxiety, the solution you simply must have for a nominal price.

All fun and games until somebody ‘puts an eye out’, as the saying goes, or on a more sober note, millions die from preventable illnesses or commercialized habits that degrade health physical and mental health, distort and manipulate the common sense of millions more so they blame themselves for failure to earn a living, degrade their education systems, so they are not even aware of what they don’t know, and lack the skills to collaborate in higher order thinking needed to ensure their safety and future prosperity.

I seek to overthrow this framing of all human relationships in a false narrative of natural exploitation, the lie unsupported by evidentiary science that we are born to manipulate, use, and abuse each other. A belief system designed and propagated to accomplish one thing, to divide and guarantee that we the masses are so overworked, stressed out, and distrustful of each other, that we can never form any meaningful union to achieve health and prosperity, mount a cohesive challenge to power usurped by the few, for the few.

In Search Of . . . 
Operating out of the Berkeley community, I am currently searching for both Co-Creative Partners and allyship with organizations who own complementary principles, interests, cultural temperament, and modalities of activism. Those who are willing to collaborate in the founding of Fleet Réalta Corps.

ArtScience: Experiential Research, Design, and Delivery
I use the term Technocratic Sociocracy to describe the general organization science of Fleet Réalta. This is probably a gross oversimplification but it is a framework for relationship management and collaborative decision-making.

Most Technocrats, those who seek management of organizations by technical expertise, typically employ a brand of rational decision-making that oddly doesn’t make use of modeling human psychosocial ecology in real-time.

When it comes to adherents of Sociocracy, most profess to base their iterative framework on cybernetics but like their technocratic counterparts, do so largely outside of the rigor of environmental psychology’s scientific discipline.

The meta-culture, the intentional common sense I hope gives birth to Fleet Réalta is a practical demonstration of Participatory Action Research and Design Thinking.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― R. Buckminster Fuller

To sum up . . .
When addressing an ailing bush or tree one does not treat the leaves and branches. No matter how branches, leaves, flower, and fruit draw one’s gaze, the final diagnoses and most important the treatment take place at the root and in the complex ecology of other plants, insects, and animals.

Consider that as a metaphor of my vision for this cooperative, with the inception project the creation of a federated union, ie the root and trunk in support of cooperative corporations, the branches, leaves, and fruit of a business model that doesn’t result in corporate abuse of the workforce.

Our first priority is the literacy, health, and fitness of our creative community and the geopolitical communities within which they reside and serve.

Specifically, we begin with the remediation and extension of our energy infrastructure to better accommodate the reality of cyberphysical culture and the intrinsic demands mobile infrastructure. This implies vehicle concepts for personalized mass transportation that facilitate the entrepreneurship of all members of society.

As I have spoken of at length, there are members of society who are openly contemptuous of democracy, that believe in monopolistic power.

They want to arrange public resources to promote the competitive advantages of a few, over the prosperity of the many.

I say that instead of them stealing public resources through manipulating the legal system and the democratic processes of our government, they should excuse themselves from our company, go elsewhere and create their professed ideal society. Leave right now in the clothes they are wearing because certainly, they can create without stealing from us, a society based on their native talent, their Pseudo-Scientific, Quasi-Religious Social Darwinism.