“Belonging does not arise simply from individual feelings ― it is not simply who you claim to be, but also who claims you.”
Native American and Indigenous Studies Association’s Council Statement on Indigenous Identity Fraud

I am Muireann Ní Sídach, founder, product architect of Fleet Réalta and acting salonnière of Otherlight Salón of Cultural Revolution, an existential, experiential learning laboratory for Otheredworld peoples exercising experimental living.

As I am . . .
Seanchailleach, Ruacán Caillí, Beneficent Crone(2), African-American Afro-Celt, Woman Born Transgender, Demisexual, Lesbian, Anarcho Pacifist, Civil Libertarian, Technomage, Citizen Science Advocate, MakerFashionista, Cultural Technologist, Co-operative Capitalist, Metaphysical Naturalist

In Search Of . . . 
Operating out of the Berkeley community, I am currently searching for both Co-Creative Partners and allyship with organizations who own complementary principles, interests, cultural temperament, and modalities of activism.  This Otherlight community of intention will emphasize developing fitness of mind and body, the better to develop vital trust relationships. The kind of relationships prerequisite for passionate experiential learning, exploration, experimentation, creation, and production in ArtScience.

This is Culture as a Technology (CaaT), a collaborative pursuit of disciplined study and practice of those tools, virtual and actual, which further enhance our personal, cooperative, collaborative capacity to use our sensate, meta-sensate (emotions/feelings), cognitive, communicative abilities.

This collaborative vision of psychosocial health and fitness is in part inspired by the work of Dr. Vikram Harshad Patel, MBBS, PhD, who advocates a unique form of peer-counsel, ordinary people competently delivering basic psychiatric services. Envision a way of life that assumes a continuous exercise of health and fitness coeval with physiological fitness that everyone engages in.

There are in fact models of medical practice like that of Japan, which are problem-oriented in such a way that professional and peer practicianers’ active focus is on prophylactic optimization of health and fitness. Our exercise assumes a homeodynamic of exploratory, experiential learning for realizing individual and collective enhanced capacity for creative expression across the spectrum from practical living to vocational production.

To be clear, in this tribe, even our play is serious business.

ArtScience: Experiential Research, Design, and Delivery
We use the term Technocratic Sociocracy to describe our general organization science. This is a relationship management and decision-making framework that effectively promotes the deep engagement we strive for within our various communities of practice and their patronage.

Most Technocrats, those who seek management of organizations by technical expertise, typically employ a brand of rational decision-making that oddly doesn’t make prominent use of accurately modeling human psychosocial ecology in real-time.

When it comes to adherents of Sociocracy, most profess to base their iterative framework on a humanic expression of cybernetics, doing so largely outside of the scientific rigor of environmental psychology’s multiplicity of scientific discipline.

The meta-culture that is Otherlight Salón of Revolutionary Culture is currently giving birth to Fleet Réalta as well as other innovative exercises in exploratory research potentially, work leading to future practical demonstrations all based on Participatory Action Research and Design Thinking.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― R. Buckminster Fuller

A good business model is a narrative that answers some age-old questions as stated by Peter Drucker, Who is the customer? What does the customer value? What is the underlying economic logic that explains how we can deliver value to customers at an appropriate cost?

Fleet Réalta is essentially a Non-Profit FinTech, a financial technology corporation building synergetic instruments that address fundamental human needs. These needs are oft couched in terms of critical intelligence which in turn make possible the reliable delivery of services we call critical Infrastructure, together forming the underpinnings without which society as a whole collapses.

Fleet Réalta is a practical demonstration of federated unionism. Our organization science is a Technocratic Sociocracy informed by Environmental Psychology with a corporate economic model of Co-operative Capitalist, Worker-Ownership. Our core business fundamentals express commitment to Economic Democracy for Social Democracy.

This is to be the science of our tradition

To sum up . . .
Project one creates a business model that doesn’t result in an Elon Musk-like situation of telling 7% the workforce in his neo-feudal utopia they are being laid off, with those left asked to work that much harder to fulfill the abstract world-saving vision of a messianic billionaire with twitter impulse control issues.

Our first priority is the literacy, health, and fitness of our community.

Remediation and extension of our energy infrastructure to better accommodate the reality of electric/electronic mobility.

Vehicle concepts for mass transportation that in context actually serve the masses.

Instead of autonomous cars, we focus on cognitive software and humanics that transforms Transportation Demand Management as a defining essential tool of our age.