Afro-Celt: I identify racially as African-American with primary culturally influences I define as Afro-Cult. This self-determination is was inspired by the similarities between my familial history, life experiences, cultural perspective and the music of Afro-Celt Sound System founded by musician/composer Simon Emmerson back in 1991 when the Grammy Award-nominated British producer collaborated with Afro-Pop star Baaba Maal.

While making an album with Baaba Maal over in Senegal, Africa, Emmerson was struck by the profound similarity between African melodic and rhythmic cadences and that of traditional Irish airs.

Back in London, Irish musician Davy Spillane told Emmerson about a belief that nomadic Celts lived in Africa or India before they migrated to Western Europe. Whether or not the theory is true, Emmerson was intrigued by the two countries’ musical affinities.

In an experiment that would prove successful, Emmerson brought two members of Baaba Maal’s band together with traditional Irish musicians to see what kind of music the two groups would create, added a dash of modern English dance mixing for an electronic beat, and the rest is history.