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The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy

By Yawo Brown // August 14, 2015 (Re-posted from Medium)

What is Polite White Supremacy?

Polite White Supremacy is the notion that whites should remain the ruling class while denying that they are the ruling class, politely. Affectionately, it’s called #PWS for short. It has been referred to as the Casual American Caste System, Delicate Apartheid, Gentle Oppression, or what I like to call it after a few drinks: Chad Crow, the super chill grandson of Jim Crow.

No, but seriously, Polite White Supremacy is very real. So why is it that we must specifically say ‘Polite White Supremacy’ rather than Racism? We must say Polite White Supremacy for three reasons. First, saying #PWS puts the responsibility solely on the creators of a systemic problem. Second, this phrase addresses the subtlety and casualness with which oppression is administered. Thirdly, it eradicates the all-too-common confusion between racism and prejudice. It’s important to eradicate this confusion so it can be clear that racism is tied to a power structure and access to resources.

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Archaeologists Discover Long-Sought-After Racist Bone!

On Tuesday, in a region of Arizona once known for its Neolithic settlements, a prominent archeology team made a historic discovery when it unearthed a frequently referenced and formerly elusive racist bone (ulnis bigotris).

The bone has long been a topic of debate in the scientific community. And, despite its previous unattainability, experts have insisted on its existence for centuries, due to voluminous evidence of racism, both in personal and institutional forms.

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‘White Supremacist Goblin’ Berkeley politician pens scathing rejection to Tucker Carlson

Robinson shared a screenshot of an email exchange with Chelsea Gilman, a booker for “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” She was reaching out to him to see if he would appear on the show to discuss the city’s decision to eliminate all gendered pronouns from the city’s code and replace gender-specific language with gender-neutral language.

Not sure if this is fair to Goblins🤣

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Driving in the Future | Physics World (EU)

Physics World Podcast on driving in the future on Castbox. In an otherwise brilliant talk catch the recurring tone-deaf presumption of how devastating climate change will be first for Poor People of Color as the speaker imagines elsewhere in the world but will eventually affect an imagined White Europe and UK. Because, there cannot possibly be millions of poor people of color living in the EU and UK at this very moment, and who will certainly be impacted sooner not later as the speaker claims.

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