Author: M. Ní Sídach

BlackGirlNerds: Melissa Barrera and Mishel Prada on “Whitetinas” in ‘Vida’

First time ever hearing light skinned LatinX being honest about Colorism. I’m 62 and been surrounded by light skinned African and Latin American family and friends flat out tell me it is all in my head.

My eldest cousin seriously told me Colorism doesn’t exist in Washington DC. My father, who you wouldn’t guess is Black unless he told you, refused to say a word when as a kid people would mock me and say I couldn’t be his child because of how dark skinned I am.

Racism is bad enough but I am fed up with people gaslighting me on race, particularly in the LGBTQ Communities. Yes, I said communities because that’s what they are, groups each working in self-interest together.

That is neither in spirit or principle what cooperative or collaborative means.

CBS News: Portland “Race Against the Past”

California and San Francisco Bay Area on specific is as racist as Oregon in general and Portland in specific.

My overtures to found a federated union based on the model of federal credit unions and designed in the support of worker cooperatives fell on deaf ears in the East, Midwest, South, Southwest from Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California and of course the Northwest.

I have repeatedly been accused of having an “Agenda” and any mention of specifically being inclusive of Women and LGBTQ Peoples of Color prompted both denial that systemic racism exists but that stating a need for deliberate inclusion is itself the real racism.

It isn’t my being attacked that bothered me so much as the experience of not a single member of the very disenfranchised communities I have devoted my life to serving has shown any interest in learning what I am doing, supporting my work, or standing up for me at any moment in the now hundreds of attacks on my character online and in person over the past 35 years.

Most hurtful is to find Black people joining in chorus with White Supremacists, repeating the same insane thoughts and words I once only heard from Whites in the 1960s and 1970s.

Oh yes, that comment in this article about one thing that brings people together is “Music”? That’s just crazy, because the racism has defined the entertainment business throughout it’s entire history and remains so to this day.

What unities people is the need to earn a living with dignity, have a home and support of a community. Those are things that I personally have never had the opportunity to enjoy, but have longed for, worked for all my life. I hoped that others shared that need and would join me, but their fears run deeper than their willingness to embrace change and adapt. It breaks my heart.

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