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State of Being Report

Having found zero support in the tech field I’ve thought about driving and began researching what that life would be like for me and how to make that transition.

Just like my being in tech, my interest in trucking is viewed with side eye by everyone I meet queer or not.

Over the past year most answers to questions I ask are what anyone with half a brain and knows how to use Google search could do.

It is looking like this is for me, a career move, that if I take it at all, it will be once again something I do alone because I am perceived, as a Black Trans Lesbian, to be off, traveling outside my lane, even within LGBT communities I’ve known, be they East, West, North, South.

As most folks know, I am currently in Berkeley, California and after almost two years in the Bay Area I have never attracted a single friend or anyone offering anything beyond the most superficial assistance.

I haven’t found a way to pay for training other than predatory CDL Mills. I’m 62 year old and life has battered me too much to lose my social security health benefits without a viable replacement, while working my ass off driving for small coin mileage starting out.

I’ve heard Prime and it’s CDL Training has the largest number of Trans driver endorsements but haven’t found anything in the Northern Bay area with a good or any positive LGBT reviews.

My talking about IT, Commercial Maker Projects, Transsportation in general or Trucking in specific are non-starters for conversation among any members of the Bay Area LGBT communities I have met or reached out to.

My professional/political interests are Environmentalism, Feminism, Equal Justice, Equal Opportunity, Economic Democracy for Social Democracy.

If anyone is motivated to sincerely work at helping me make an informed decision about professional driving, you can find my full contact information somewhere on this site.

My specific trucking interest is in Class A, with X Endorsement (Tanker/HazMat) though I have long been studying Intermodal Systems as part of my tech startup’s focus.

Until when, I bid you all peace.