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Exposing the Under the Table Business of Homelessness in San Francisco

Not much of an expose. The powers that be of San Francisco know very well it is unsustainable. They syphon off wealth and those benefiting are positioned so the inevitable systemic collapse has no meaningful effect on them.

I spent months pouring over records on the main library’s 4th floor and you eventually see recurring patterns going back generations. How can you claim to have housing crisis? A crisis suggests a singular event that logically could not have been predicted based on available knowledge of local conditions and historical precedents in similar environmental contexts across the nation.

Then there is the thriving, totally unregulated Air BnB-like underground housing market. Millions a month are generated in undeclared income by individuals who own or lease, then sublet rooms for anywhere from $1,300 to $3,000 for extended stay rooms, with variations like cohabitating rooms, time shared rooms, nightly, and hourly rooms.

There are low-cost rooms available ranging be $400 to $600 per month but of you are Black, Brown, even Asian in some cases the response is typically, “I’m sorry I didn’t realize my partner already rented the room.” I’ve personally been told that dozens of times a day about rooms that continued to be advertised. Nobody is letting that party end until it just absolutely collapses along with the rest of this insanity.

Poverty, Inc, which is what I thought the video was addressing is another matter entirely. As a systems analyst studied in environmental psychology, organization science, I can tell you that beaurocacies fixate on paper accounting are hiding something, a accountability. Most San Francisco social service agencies lie to clients telling then them HIPAA prevents then from communicating electronically with them and prevents having interagency communications, coordinated sharing of data

Precisely the type of Portability and Accountability that the state and federal regulation was designed to do.

Avoiding to efficient coordination of people and resources leaves a lot of wiggle room to suck wealth out of the system without a trace.

Nobody, absolutely no one is interested in making the system tighter, more effective, more efficient.

The system wastes insane amounts of resources on an objectively small number of homeless people by design.

When you have institutional Poverty Pimps, what possible motivation can you expect for anyone to remediate the very situation their livelihood depends on?

This is amanufactured crisis that cynically benefits a huge number of people.

San Francisco isn’t broken, it is working precisely as intended.

Trying to change this system of corruption that so many people high and low benefit from is akin to putting one’s fist against a sledgehammer.

The hammer of the oligarchs will obviously win that contest.

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