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Idaho judge grants probation for Utah man convicted of beating teen hunter |

There is no way any person of color would get away with a slap on the wrist for taking the law into their own hands. I doubt I would be alive to get a court hearing if I did something like this once.

Just carrying a licensed gun could get me killed, much less survive an altercation because I’m wrongly suspected of hunting without a license, or hunting in a specified area without permission.

I’ve had random White people flip out just over my carrying a bow and arrow quiver to the practice range. It is one important reason I gave up any form of hunting decades ago.

How I Taught My Husband About White Privilege | Go Off Sis | Refinery29

I have never dated, had a long term relationship or marriage with a White that truly has the mindset this young woman claims her husband has. I have never met anyone White who did not consciously or later start presuming to be superior in intellectual capacity, moral authority, more often than not education and corresponding practice of reason. Add to this relational baggage of my Blackness, the negative points due to Ageism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Transphobia and the way these are informed by what people “Feel” is Truth as compared Truth based on “Evidence and Higher Order Thinking” . . . well, it is an unequivocally unpleasant experience. I will never again invest years in love and devotion only to discover I am a fetish, a second class citizen in the relationship.

Preference Or Prejudice? | Queer Britain – Episode 4

It seems somewhat bizarre that here in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, California LGBTQ communities Ethnocentrism, Colorism, Racism, Ageism, Misogyny are so widespread, eclipsed only by the degree of militant denial and pushback in the forms simplistic gaslighting to organized communities and social agencies that clearly have racist elements of their agenda expressed as the more sophisticated elder sibling of Gaslighting, Perception Management.

This can and often does include enlisting People of Color as foils to deflect criticism just like this.

There there are strategized responses by staff the minimize incidents of Racism with sympathetic sounding phrases that upon closer examination are a re-contextualizing of the event as episodic and wholly subjective experience rather than an indicator of systemic perception, begets values, begets behavioral expressions.

“I am sorry you felt discriminated against.” Is not the same thing as affirming real acts of discrimination are unacceptable and we need to work with you to look into this incident and find equitable resolution, establish if this is indicative of a cultural problem, take steps towards progressive remediation.

That would be the minimum.

In a year’s time nothing that reasonable has ever been spoken in my presence.

Instead I have been taken to task by other Blacks acting as proxy for Queer and Trans White Supremacists, who insist that I am racist for not accepting Colorblindness.

This particular video interests me because little over a month past, the English Trans Woman presiding over a Trans Support Group of Pacific Center insisted Racism doesn’t exist in the UK.

That night numerous members of the nearly all White group were visibly uncomfortable as I briefly related how I have repeatedly been told by Licensed Social Workers, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists that Gender Transition is exclusively a personal experience, while Race is a separate Political issue. Every single support group I have had contact with since 2002 in which White Trans Women are the majority, both Online and in Real Life asserts that falsehood.

Just as bad for me, as a Black or Afro-American Trans Woman is the being ostracized by my own race because I don’t fit their stereotype identity.

Not that this is new.

My being told I’m not Black has been a thing since kindergarten.

I never had a time where I thought I was Gay and discovered I was Trans. I didn’t do Drag, which means I never was a part of Ball culture, never had a Mom or Sisters in a House.

I have always dressed androgynously, have worn makeup without defining it as an indicator of sexual or gender identity as a personal expression, it is but at 62 years old and relatively poor, I rarely wear makeup.

Finally, I have identified as lesbian as a teen in the 1970s. I later discovered everyone treated this as a joke until I transitioned.

I am 62 years old and in the past 16 years there hasn’t been a month pass without my being told, “You can’t be a lesbian because you can’t be a woman.”

I do find it curious though how there are large communities of White Trans Lesbians, many of whom date each other but in online dating nearly always specify they only date White. Some of them have Cisgender partners who take exception to my identification as Lesbian.

Trans Women of Color I meet focus entirely on Men and an odd fusion of Heteronormative presentation, orientation, and corresponding values. In 45 years I have never had any Black Trans Woman acknowledge being Lesbian or that whole Same Sex Loving thing, because why use one word, when you can use 3 to say the same damn thing, then police any Black Queer who doesn’t get with the game plan.

I clearly have never had a family, a people, a tribe. All my life has been a series of smiling faces telling me,”Don’t worry, you’ll find your tribe.” Meaning I’m not accepted by their whatever tribe mistakenly thought I was wasting my time trying to join them, (😒looking at you TransThrive)

This rant was long overdue.

Thank you and goodnight

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