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OWN: Iyanla Hosts a Candid Talk About Colorism With 6 Black Women

Yes light skinned sistahs get hated on but make no mistake that there is a color Pecking Order in the Chicken Coop. Lighter skinned women remain a preference over darker skinned women, because in a racialized world there is a perception the Whiter the more intelligent, more refined, better.

Great we have an emotional moment but this isn’t how you dismantle a multi-billion dollar world industry that actively promotes Colorism/Racism as what it is, Classism.

In our world Whiteness is promoted in every form of media and encoded even into religion as synonymous with virtue, cleanliness, purity, innocence.

A few years in front of a camera does absolutely nothing to speak truth to the social and economic powers reinforcing these beliefs. It is always easier to destroy than build and so the investment in social and economic capital required to remedy this ongoing assault demands more effort that the powers profiting by this destructive force.

We invest in what we value and at the bottom of society’s valuation scales is the Dark Feminine.

Refinery29: The Terrifying Danger Of Wearing Makeup In North Korea | Shady

How is it White Americans are so deeply moved by the suffering of a few hundred thousand North Koreans but dismiss or deny the millions of African-Americans that have endured far worse for generations and continue to live in Americas that systemically police, manipulate, control Black people.

The level of Perception Management, Mass Gaslighting along lines of class, race, and class is no different than North Korea, the US and it’s Allies just have far greater wealth and sophistication in the manipulations of public perception. The North Koreans use a Machete while the United States used armies of surgeons with anesthetic and scalpels.

People understand Hard Power as expressed by the military industrial complex but refuse to face the obvious fact that our military industrial partnerships include Soft Power, embodied by PsyOp or Psychological Operations of the armed forces.

Who is it that’s is so self-deluded as to believe the same weaponized psychology is not used in plain sight upon the American public.

What precisely is it you think the radically skewed reporting and general representation of Brown and Black peoples is intended to achieve? What do you think the objectives of the so-called War on Drugs was designed to do? What do you think the real agenda of the industrial prison system is?

None of this is some deep conspiracy because the way people here are inculcated into viewing reality allows operation in plain sight.

Over 80% of Americans believe psychology isn’t a real science which makes the use of psychology to manipulate their perception more effective that any of the seemingly worse atrocities of the North Koreans or any other state American propagandists use.

Like the way White CisHet Liberals characterize real discrimination a Hate so we ignore the more pervasive, systemic engines of oppression that serve their interests.

NYT Opinion: What Nike Told Me When I Wanted to Have a Baby

It’s not just sports. This behavior is reflected to women in every endeavor they engage in. What I am fed up with is the women I have gone to bat for all my life throwing Trans Women under the proverbial bus. I was raised by Women who inspired me by angrily chanting “Biology Is Not Destiny!”

These same women now deny the validity of my womanhood and place in feminine culture based on biology, claiming it and the lived experience of a wholly female childhood, puberty, and young adulthood is the only legitimate femaleness. Not content to exclude me from company they once accepted me in they now have Sacred Pregnancy groups. When I point out there are considerable numbers of Cisgender Women who can never give birth and still.more who never will by choice the violence of their rebuke is telling.

And since the lead voice in this is a Black Women I invite you the reader to spend some quality time listening to the hundreds of Cisgender Black Women on YouTube who view the Black Transfeminine as actual assault on Black Womanhood, a step beyond a disgrace to the race. Where do Black Males learn Black Trans Women are disposable . . . from Black Cultures and Black Cis Women, Black Mothers like mine.

A month before she died I discovered the mother who claimed to love and accept me has for decades been introducing me as “My son who prefers to be addressed as a woman.”

That’s my family’s concept of acceptance and about on the same level as that phoney “Hate the Sin, Not the Dinner” homophobic bullshit that even a disturbing number of Queer people accept and buy into.

It is not just to treat women in any role of life without equal Justice under the law. It is unjust and should logically be unconstitutional to make faith-based laws for two reasons; that coercing faith immediate strips it of authenticity, and adopting any regulation based on religious believes subverts democracy and makes us a theocracy.

We need a constitutional amendment banning the ok introduction and consideration of any law predicated on religious values and doctrine.

For Equal Justice our courts must be science courts, and laws must be based on evidence.

That is really our only choice.

Highschool Transcripts?

A word of explanation may be in order. I’ve been clean and sober since June 16, 1979, and one of the contributors to that finally happening is that having been high the first time I took the test almost ten years earlier I thought to do better with some vague idea it would make my Mum happy of I did better. I sort of did, sort of didn’t. So true to form, I was not just high by the time I arrived to take the test, I seem to of been in a blackout, with zero memory of ever going and taking the test. I was totally floored when I got my results in the mail.

School Transcripts: Adobe PDF

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