Driving in the Future | Physics World (EU)

Physics World Podcast on driving in the future on Castbox. In an otherwise brilliant talk catch the recurring tone-deaf presumption of how devastating climate change will be first for Poor People of Color as the speaker imagines elsewhere in the world but will eventually affect an imagined White Europe and UK. Because, there cannot possibly be millions of poor people of color living in the EU and UK at this very moment, and who will certainly be impacted sooner not later as the speaker claims.

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The Chrome Reaper

Reaper is a Chrome (or Chromium) browser extension that terminates browser processes when they use too much CPU.

Likely targets include:

  • Cryptominers
  • rowhammer.js
  • Web pages that enter a busy loop when ads are blocked
  • Web pages and extensions that contain broken code
  • Web pages and extensions that are extremely bloated and slow

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Bodycam Catches Cop Planting Drugs During Traffic Stops | NowThis

African-Americans and other People of Color have repeatedly proven these forms of criminal abuse take place on a pervasive basis for over a century. It is worth noting how once again how real outraged doesn’t show until European-Americans as in “White” Americans are made to experience the lash of oppression by government sanctioned authoritarian institutions and their agents.

It may not be a majority of officers, prosecutors, judges but the scope and persistence of this problem suggests widespread structural and cultural values, beliefs, practices that give implicit license to far too many individuals and groups. How long will we continue to indulge in this dubious luxury of willful ignorance and self-deception?

Weekend WTF: Why Doesn’t Snell Approve Modular Helmets?

Snell certifies open-face helmets as well as full-face, so why not modular?

When it comes to helmet safety, Snell is the final word in the US. Racing organizations, whose riders are arguably the most likely to actually put their helmets to the ultimate test, require that Snell certification.

It has long been considered the gold standard of helmet certification, far above the meager DOT standards required for legality. Snell certifies both full-face and open-face helmets but does not certify modular helmets, despite their safety advantages above the fully exposed open-face. So why?

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A sexist Republican just gave the Supreme Court exactly what it needs to legalize sex discrimination | ThinkProgress

Mississippi state lawmaker and Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster refused to travel with a reporter covering his campaign — because the reporter is a woman.

The reporter, Larrison Campbell, is one of several journalists from the outlet Mississippi Today, who asked if they could shadow Republican candidates running to lead the state.

Both of Foster’s opponents agreed to this arrangement, although the reporter assigned to cover their campaigns happened to be male. Foster, however, refused to allow Campbell to ride along with him unless she was accompanied by a man.

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