The Jim Jefferies Show: Talking with Conspiracy Theorists in the Age of Bulls**t

Why I largely stopped speaking. Every time I think I’m having a rational conversation with someone, at some point it goes completely off the rails. With the majority of people, even scientists outraged that I would ask, “How did you test the assumptions you base that is on?” In particular people tell me I have no right to question the Implicit biases the obviously base various forms of classism on, from gender, to age, to race.

F!RED For Calling The Royal Baby A Monkey

Only a few months ago an entire trans support group sat silently while the English born and raised chairwoman told me that there is no racism in England. One of the most surrealistic exchanges in perhaps a month’s time? I say that because rarely a week pass without my being told that I am racists to mentioning racism, or that the problem isn’t racism but classism, because somehow race is not a form of class discrimination, that skin color is not intersectional at it’s core with every other aspect of class discrimination.

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